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Let Us Restore Our City

Shreveport needs mature, experienced leadership with proven passion and love for Shreveport, not because it might open new opportunities for them down the line, but

because Shreveport deserves their love and devotion. Turning the ship will require work with people from all quarters of Shreveport by someone with deep relationships built over a lifetime of service to the city.

Shreveport beckoned me home in August, 1979. Since then, restoring Shreveport and moving her forward have been a constant part of my life. Offering myself as a candidate for Mayor is just the latest of those efforts.

Many Shreveporters feel we have lost our way. Many former Shreveporters have voted with their feet. The city’s population declined almost 10% between 1980 and 2020.

Here are some ideas for reversing that trend:

Public safety. We need targeted policing, especially in high crime neighborhoods. Results

you can see.

You can read Tom's outline for addressing violent crime here.

Blight. Blight encourages people to leave the central city and creates the environment for

crime. Blight must go. Results you can see. 


Youth. We must provide good neighborhood facilities and activities for our young people. Results you can see.

Public finance. We must return public confidence in the city’s finances, and transparency to help citizens decide spending priorities. We must use generational funds for generational purposes. Results you can see.

Economic development. We must re-engage our business leaders and citizens in neighborhoods to grow local businesses while looking for outside investment. Results you can see.


Development. We must streamline the development process. Results you can see.

It is time to restore Shreveport, to put her back on track to reach her destiny. It is time once more to be proud of Shreveport and Shreveporters. It is time to hope again, to build a better future for our children and our grandchildren.

We will do this together. We ask you to join us, and we ask for your support, your votes, and your prayers.